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Pioneering Learner Outcomes Through Firsthand Experience


The ECMC Group Board of Directors, representing the parent organization of Altierus Career College, has made the decision to teach out the three remaining Altierus Career College (ACC) campuses. A teach out means that we will provide the education and support services for our current students and gradually wind down the school’s operations. New students will no longer be accepted. We will continue to provide career services for a period beyond the teach-out to ensure that the program is as successful as possible for students. Altierus Career College will engage in an orderly closure, with campuses remaining open until all current students that are following their academic plans graduate or an acceptable completion plan is identified for remaining degree students.

Innovation School Model

Operating under the Altierus Career College brand banner, the innovation school model represents a framework for building a technology-forward learning experience that combines the best of hands-on instruction with flexible, interactive and virtual extensions. The model has the ability to function in true entrepreneurial fashion, fielding ideas from partners and pivoting to pursue the most promising paths forward. Current locations include Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; and Tampa, FL.

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Case Study: Saving Hands-On Training During COVID-19

With the technology infrastructure and part-time online coursework put in place in prior years, Altierus campuses were able to shift to fully remote, online courses in a matter of days. Proactively equipping students, faculty and staff with iPads and technology well ahead of COVID-19 made the transition seamless. While technology played a large role in maintaining continuity for students, it was an instilled sense of leadership and responsibility among faculty and staff that made it possible. Additionally, training and coaching opportunities helped shore up remote instructional and operational competencies, while outreach to accreditors, state regulators and federal agencies helped gain alignment on flexible guidelines for maintaining compliant educational delivery.

A Holistic Learner Experience That Elevates Outcomes

At Altierus, we elevate the entire learning experience to help students get the most out of their time with us. Our goal is to prepare them for success beyond graduation, equipping them with the vital skills they’ll need to grow and adapt in their careers. We call it all-inclusive training.

  • Integrated Professional Skills Development

    In addition to technical skills, students gain and demonstrate proficiency in communication, interpersonal skills, self-management, emotional intelligence and career-building competencies.

  • Career Pathway Planning

    We promote personal development and encourage continuing training so students can grow and advance in their career pathways.

  • Hands-On Training & Interactive Modules That Extend Learning

    Students gain hands-on training experience in professional learning environments complemented by technology-enabled instruction, such as interactive lectures and online coursework.

  • All-Inclusive Training Fully Equips Students for Success

    Tuition includes an iPad, professional tools, externship (varies by program) and certification/licensure prep and testing at no extra cost so students are ready to begin their training fully equipped.

  • Modern Technology & Tools Promote Workplace Proficiency

    Our labs contain equipment and technology students will see and use in the modern workplace, preparing them for success in their careers.

  • Student Success Through Community Support

    We surround students with wraparound services such as transportation assistance and emergency support throughout their educational journey to help them stay in school and on track.


Building Personal Confidence

“Professional skills coupled with technological proficiency are integrated into each program to ensure students have the full skillset needed to grow in their careers.”

Jen Eull, Ph.D., Dean of Allied Health, ECMC Education

Student Support Services Span the Entire Journey

An integrated student support model is a standard hallmark of the educational experience from daily S.O.S. (“Save Our Student”) meetings and emergency aid for helping at-risk students to personalized and proactive career pathways guidance.



Altierus is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).